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What you can expect during a bug sweeep

Teams can respond overtly or covertly, dependent on your requirements and will deploy with the skills and equipment relevant to the threat


A deep search may be disruptive, but we will endeavour to make it as is 'pain free' as possible

We will discuss the threat you face and take necessary and appropriate measures to mitigate that threat

Our level of deployment is sensibly assessed between a State Sponsored attack to a nosey neighbour    


A survey may consist of, but is not limited to: -

Technical Search; Spectrum analyses of location and surrounding areas

This will allow us to map the area’s footprint and establish whether they might include suspicious transmissions


Deploying a Base Transceiver Station to identify cellular devices, the most common method of attack.


Threat assessment; Identifying intelligence, location, targets, lifestyle profiling, adversaries

Protective technical measures assessment; RF traffic, encrypted comms, monitoring, restrictions

Physical security survey; Infrastructure, processes, awareness 


RF search will identify the signals most vulnerable to attack, pulsed, GSM, Bluetooth, DECT and Wireless 


Search of Infrastructure wiring, mains and data with equipment designed specifically for the task which identifies the smallest carrier signals


Search of optical emissions


Deploy non linear junction detectors that can quickly locate hidden electronic devices or components in walls, ceiling, floors, fixtures or fittings, regardless whether the source is radiating, hard wired, or turned off

Thermal Image capture. Specialist equipment designed to locate the smallest temperature increases due to placement of small electronic devices

Physical systematic deep search with UK GOV trained personnel, identifying and clearing all voids and vulnerable areas and locating all items alien to the environment



Most items discovered during a TSCM sweep are found at the physical search stage


TSCM Solutions provide staff who have undergone training approved by UK Home Office, who have served within UK Police, Specialist Operations and have invaluable experience in deep physical search techniques. Specialist engineers are joined by retired UK Police Officers from the world renowned SO15 Counter Terrorism Command and National Counter Terrorism Units along with UK Home Office trained search officers or Police Search Advisors


We can also offer staff who are deployable to hostile environments once relevant risk assessments have been completed 

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